Absentee Voting

How to obtain an Absentee Ballot  Application 

We are open the Sat. before every election until 2pm and Monday the day before each election until 4pm to apply for an Absentee ballot.
You must apply for an absentee ballot by written request and submitted to this office for every election you want to vote by Absentee Ballot Application
   Application form for Absentee ballots are posted here 75 days prior to an election. 
 To receive the form for each election cycle automatically contact the Clerk's Office  447-3303.  

Check the status of your ballot's status

Options on returning your ballot delivery methods 
Signature/Photo ID Requirements

*Use of a Signature Stamp - Public Act 79 of 2014 amends the Michigan Election Law to permit a physically disabled voter who is unable to sign his or her name due to the physical disability to use a signature stamp on a voter registration application or an election document. Current law only permits the voter to make his or her mark on the aforementioned documents. The new Act further defines that an election document includes, but is not limited to, all of the following: a voter application; an absent voter ballot application; an emergency absent voter ballot application; and an absent voter ballot return envelope.

Photo ID Requirement -  Residents who wish to obtain an absentee ballot in person, please see photo ID requirement below:

As a result of legislation enacted in 2012 (PA 523 of 2012), voters who obtain an absent voter ballot in person are also required to comply with the picture identification requirement. If a voter is not in possession of picture ID, they may sign the same Affidavit of Voter not in Possession of Picture Identification form that is used in the polls on Election Day. AV ballots from voters that obtain a ballot in person and do not provide picture identification and sign the affidavit form must be processed as a challenged ballot on Election Day.