Absentee Voting

Any Registered Voter can vote by Absentee Voter ballot (Vote at Home) by signing and submitting this Form.  

Absentee Ballot voting Deadlines

You must apply with a signed, written request and submit the request to this office for every election you want to vote by Absentee Voter ballot Application.  For your convenience a form is  posted  here 75 days prior to an election.

Sign up for the Automatic Application Mailing List to receive the application for each upcoming election so you can vote at home by Absentee ballot - fill out this online form.

Saturday  before every election from 8 am to 4 pm the Clerk's Office is open for Absentee voting  and Monday the day before each election until 4 pm to apply for an Absentee ballot and vote.

On Nov 6th , 2018 voters approved Prop 3 to make voting more accessible.  This allows any voter to obtain an Absentee ballot without providing a reason.