Harbors / Boat Wells

Boat Well Details

St. Clair Shores administers 2 boat well harbors:
Blossom Health and Lac Sainte Clair Park.

Both Well Harbors are open to SCS residents and non-residents.
Please note our wells are only seasonal and they run from April 15th through October 15th.

Review the rules and pricing to the RIGHT under "Documents".

*Please note: Full payment for boat wells is due April 1st*
You must bring your current car registration, driver’s license, boat registration, and proof of boat insurance to the Parks and Recreation Department when purchasing your well. (20000 Stephens).

Blossom Heath (24800 Jefferson)

We can accommodate boats at 20 feet and 30 feet.

Lac Sainte Claire (27600 Jefferson)

We can accommodate boats at or below 24, 28, and 35 feet.

These Harbors Amenities

Call to verify which harbor has which amenities (586) 445-5350
  • Wi-Fi
  • Security
  • Electronic Gates
  • Water & Electrical Services
  • Dock Box
  • Concession Stand
  • Ice Machine
  • 4 Family Pool Passes
  • Carts
  • Handicapped Services
  • Keyed Bathroom Facilities
  • Picnic Areas

Boat Well Documents

Boat Well Rates

Lac Sainte Clair Harbor Pricing (Transient Wells $20 a day!)

Lac Sainte Clair Harbor
Non - Resident
24' Length (114" Width)
28' Length (126" Width)
35' Length (150" - 174" Width)

Blossom Heath Harbor Pricing (Transient Wells $20 a day!)

Wells with pedestals are equipped with water and electricity.
Blossom Heath Harbor
Non - Resident
20' Length (Without Pedestal)
20' Length (With Pedestal)
30' Length (With Pedestal)


If you wish to relocate your boat well or be put onto a waiting list for a particular section / well,
you may download the relocation form near the RIGHT side of the page.
The form will processed and filed. For any questions, you may contact us at (586) 445-5350.