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Travel the Internet from a beautification point of view. Here are website links which are related to beautification.

Giving Garden

This Jefferson Middle School project was started by Eagle Scout Christopher Green. See Lakeview Public Schools Community Newsletter and Patch for more.

View photos of the Jefferson Middle School Giving Garden Below!

Christopher Green and Jefferson Middle School Teacher Sarah Bowman
Jefferson Middle School Teacher Lisa Beckman with son, Drew
Jefferson Middle School Community Giving Garden

Growing Healthy Together

This ShorePointe Village program partners ShorePointe residents with elementary students. See more in Grosse Pointe Magazine.

View photos of the project below!

ShorePointe garden project
ShorePointe garden project student volunteers
ShorePointe garden project student and resident volunteers

Home Gardening Tips

The Children's Garden Place

Join a child for a visit here for ideas about creating special places and experiences in the garden. Explore garden projects for kids.

Our Bookshelf

Select a good garden read, all available at the St. Clair Shores Public Library.


Title Author Section / Call Number Description
Thrifty Gardening: From the Ground Up Marjorie Harris New Non-Fiction, 635.048H Harris shares the best tips on how to create a beautiful garden for any space all on a budget.
Landscaping with Wildflowers and Native Plants William H. W. Wilson Non-Fiction, 635.9676W How to incorporate wildflowers to give gardens a natural look, the sweeping color of a forest meadow, tallgrass prairie, or desert landscape.
Hollyhock Days, Garden Adventures for the Young at Heart Sharon Lovejoy
Adult, 635L Hollyhock introduces kids and grownups alike to the joys of nature through interesting facts, memories, heartwarming stories, garden plans, and projects. Adorned with delightful watercolor illustrations, this light-hearted volume is the ideal companion to her books such as Sunflower Houses, Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots: Gardening together with children, and Toad Cottage and Shooting Stars.

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