City Operations Committees

Board of Canvassers - Abolished by Public Act 51 of 2013
The responsibilities of the Board of Canvassers audit and certify local elections.

Charter Study Committee
The Charter Study Committee recommends charter review every seven years. Staff Liaison: City Clerk Mary Kotowski

Council Subcommittee

Duties of this subcommittee include reviewing, selecting, and recommending applicants to city boards, commissions, and committees. Staff Liaison: City Clerk Mary Kotowski

Employees' Civil Service
This group enforces personnel and disciplinary matters. Staff Liaison: City Manager Mike Smith

General Retirees Health Care Trust Board
This board was created for the accumulation and investment of monies for the purpose of funding health care for general retirees. Staff Liaison: Finance Director/Treasurer Doug Haag

Parking Committee
This committee hears petitions for waivers to off-street parking (hardship variances). Staff Liaison: City Planner Liz Koto

Police and Fire Civil Service Commission
Duties of the commission include enforcement of personnel and disciplinary matters under Public Act 78. Staff Liaison: City Manager Mike Smith